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nISBN. 1-84630-435-2n The author has established himself as one of the major voices in a new generation of Serbian literary criticism. He has published novels, essay collections, and a book on Belgrade-based painter Ivan Grozdana. He also worked as editor of Neue Kosovo-Jugoslawen and Službena istorija. He has been given an international "Gulag-Literatur" fellowship at the Berlin Literaturhaus. With his work, he has become a popular presence in the press. Biography. Introduction The scandalous affair of Petoktobarski and his wife Jasenka now has been settled. Belgrade's leading daily newspaper, Danas, published a statement yesterday on its front page declaring that Petoktobarski was innocent. The statement was signed by the family's lawyer, who said that his client had done nothing wrong, and that he was looking into an anonymous attempt to blackmail the couple. The scandal has been in the public eye for almost a year now, when Jasenka made allegations that Petoktobarski's wife, Maja, had been sexually harassing her in their apartment. Petoktobarski's trial began on December 22, 2001, and a verdict was reached last week. The trial judge declared Petoktobarski guilty on all charges. During the trial, Jasenka made the unprecedented move of appearing on TV news programs to state her position. Jasenka and Petoktobarski's affair began in the spring of 1999. Jasenka had started to show up at the couple's apartment in the Košutnjak district of Belgrade. Petoktobarski was shocked by Jasenka's boldness, as she often arrived after midnight and after he had already gone to bed. She would often arrive unannounced with someone else as her escort. Petoktobarski said that he could not understand Jasenka's behavior. Although she was a working woman, she had long taken off work to act like a man. It seemed to him that Jasenka was far from a woman but was in fact a man. One day, Jasenka told Petoktobarski that her father, a Sisak-based painter, was in Yugoslavia to oversee the installation of an anti-NATO exhibition at his gallery. He was




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Tim Marsal Igra Senki nenndavi
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