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About Us

For over 30 years, Gilchrist Aviation Law has had an unwavering commitment to the ongoing personal and professional character development of our attorneys and staff. We firmly believe this approach to our people equips us to provide a preeminent quality of counsel and service to our clients.

Jack Gilchrist, Founding Shareholder, Director

Jack Gilchrist

Founding Shareholder, Director

Jack Gilchrist is the founding director and shareholder of Gilchrist Aviation Law. He serves as special counsel representing clients involved in all areas of the aviation industry. Since 1989, Mr. Gilchrist has specifically focused his career on aviation transactions involving every current structure of aircraft including engines, propellers and spare parts.

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Your Aircraft Transaction Partners

Alexis Sadghy, Associate

Alexis Sadeghy


Rebecca Schmidt, Closing Coordinator

Rebecca Schmidt

Closing Coordinator

Mandy Ward, Closing Coordinator

Mandy Ward


PD Room Services

Amanda Heath, Legal Assistant

Amanda Heath

Closing Coordinator

Brandy Dunn, Legal Assistant

Brandy Dunn

Closing Coordinator

Tekoa Nantze, Legal Assistant

Tekoa Nantze

Closing Coordinator


Kylie Linstead

Senior Legal Assistant

Robert Shasberger, Legal Assistant

Robert Shasberger

Senior Legal Assistant

Janetta Wrice

Janetta Wrice


Vicki Shapard, Legal Assistant

Vicki Shapard

Legal Assistant

Roberto Macias, Legal Assistant

Roberto Macias

Legal Assistant


Lindsey Nantze

Administrative Assistant

Sherie Allison, Legal Assistant

Sherie Allison

Legal Assistant

David Blair, Legal Assistant

David Blair

Legal Assistant

Julia Lyons, Legal Assistant

Julia Lyons

Legal Assistant

Katie McCool, Legal Assistant

Katie McCool

Legal Assistant

Michael Ontiveros, Legal Assistant

Michael Ontiveros

Legal Assistant

Matthew Rumsey, Paralegal

Matthew Rumsey



Abigail Smith

Legal Assistant

Pamela Ball, Executive Assistant

Pamela Ball

Executive Assistant

Kellie Becker, Manager of Accounting

Kellie Becker

Manager of Accounting


Samuel Gilchrist

Marketing & Strategic Project Manager

Ashley Coker, Assistant Director of Operations

Ashley Coker

Assistant Director of Operations

Brad Moore, Director of Operations

Brad Moore

Director of Operations

Career Opportunities

The team at Gilchrist Aviation Law is made up of individuals with great attention to detail who take pride in serving our aviation industry clients with professionalism and accountability. From attorneys and paralegals to administrative staff, our team is relied on for the timely execution of accurate work. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, a monthly bonus program, and opportunities for growth within the organization. 

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