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Aircraft Buying, Selling & Leasing

Gilchrist Aviation Law counsels clients across the world in the sale and leasing of airplanes, helicopters, engines, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).


Our firm exclusively serves the aviation industry. We are not a small practice group within a larger law firm. Rather than mold our systems, policies, and technology to groups outside the aviation industry, we have strategically built up every aspect of our firm to serve aviation clients around the world.


FAA Aircraft Registration

Aviation companies and their counsel worldwide rely on Gilchrist Aviation Law to prepare documents required by the FAA and International Registry for registration. The requirements of the FAA are a constantly shifting landscape, demanding an experienced understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations and the Cape Town Convention, and an equally experienced team to prepare documents for closing. Gilchrist Aviation Law has been a driving force in bridging the gap between the FAA Aircraft Registry and the aviation title industry in Oklahoma City.


Aviation Title Law

Our attorneys are considered by the industry to be subject leaders in FAA Regulation and the Cape Town Convention. Our decades of experience and knowledge are at your disposal for transactions simple or complex.


We use uniquely crafted software and AI to deliver timely and accurate aircraft title examination. Our firm utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to reduce the time required to examine FAA records, without losing the requirement for human involvement. Every employee is trained to examine and abstract records manually but subsequently trained to use AI to improve efficiency and accuracy.


Escrow Services

Clients around the world utilize our dedicated escrow teams to hold documents and funds directly, creating validity and professionalism in every transaction. Our experienced team is ready to coordinate all closing arrangements, from title and registration to the distribution of return documents. Highly-regarded for our confidentiality and thoroughness, Gilchrist Aviation Law does not treat any transaction as routine. Every party gets the focus they deserve.


International Registry &
Cape Town Convention

Gilchrist Aviation Law has been a foundational resource to the development and improvement of the International Registry since before its inception 20 years ago. As an advocate for the International Registry and the security it brings to global aircraft trade, our firm coordinates and manages IR registrations for clients across the world. Gilchrist Aviation Law attorneys also represent our client's interests on the International Registry Advisory Board, finding new ways to deliver a more seamless and efficient experience.

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