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Escrow Services

We serve as escrow agent for brokers, sellers, purchasers, lenders and

other law firms

Escrow Service

Our specialized escrow teams are available to hold documents and funds directly, creating validity and professionalism in every type of transaction.

  • Title Reports

  • Comprehensive examination of all U.S. and International Registry lien and title records

  • Drafting documentation for international transactions

  • Registration on the International Registry

  • Full coordination of closing arrangements

  • Filing documents with the FAA

  • Sending return documents to relevant parties

  • Issuing legal opinions on the status of all filings

Timeliness is key, and the availability of our escrow team allows clients to manage and close escrow transactions according to their time schedule.

"The most successful escrow deals are marked by timeliness, accuracy and confidentiality. I say, find a partner that can deliver all three."

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