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Jack Gilchrist

Jack Gilchrist is the founding director and shareholder of Gilchrist Aviation Law. He serves as special counsel representing clients involved in all areas of the aviation industry. Since 1989, Mr. Gilchrist has specifically focused his career on aviation transactions involving every current structure of aircraft including engines, propellers and spare parts.


Mr. Gilchrist has counseled clients around the world in aircraft transactions, including many of the major air carriers, aircraft and engine leasing companies, fractional ownership programs, air cargo companies, corporations, banks and other lending institutions. He also works closely with aircraft brokers, dealers and manufacturers. 



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Since 2011, Chad Gilson has served as aviation legal counsel at Gilchrist Aviation Law. Mr. Gilson specializes in aircraft title, registration, finance and leasing law, and he is an expert in lender securitization, large fleet transactions and complex registration issues. 


Mr. Gilson leads the Commercial Aviation practice group at Gilchrist Aviation Law overseeing transaction structure in the aviation industry. This includes commercial, business and personal aircraft and helicopter transactions ranging from small aircraft owners to international air carriers and global financial institutions. Mr. Gilson’s experience, his team’s support and expertise, and knowledgeable communication with the FAA Registry helps ensure each client’s individual needs are met.



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Chad Gilson

Nick Linholm


Nick Linholm has practiced law since 1990, with a special focus in the aviation industry. Since 2011 he has represented Gilchrist Aviation Law’s clients, both nationally and internationally, in matters involving buying, selling, leasing and financing aircraft. At Gilchrist Aviation Law, he specifically is interested in matters relating to the Cape Town Convention, the Federal Aviation Act and the FAA Aircraft Registry.


Mr. Linholm oversees the closing preparation and post-closing team, where he manages legal assistants, supervises aircraft title examinations, document preparation, and coordinates International Registry services.




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Becca Schmidt

Closing Coordinator


Becca Schmidt joined Gilchrist Aviation Law in 2010 and serves as closing coordinator. She works with the fractional aircraft program to help clients meet FAA guidelines and track all closing requirements, making the process straightforward and seamless. Mrs. Schmidt closely works with clients, colleagues and the FAA to see transactions through from start to completion.


Committed to helping usher clients efficiently and accurately through the transaction process, Mrs. Schmidt brings valuable critical thinking skills and a keen attention to detail to each client’s transaction. She communicates clearly and frequently with clients during and after the closing process.


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Connor Harris first joined Gilchrist Aviation Law as a summer intern in 2011. Since then he has grown in his knowledge and ability and joined the firm full-time in 2019. Today Mr. Harris serves as closing coordinator, gathering pertinent information to ensure successful closings for clients.


Mr. Harris focuses on post-closing work and title examination for transactions involving single aircraft, equipment, and fleets of aircraft. He also prepares requests for legal opinions from the Aeronautical Center Counsel.


In 2020, the Firm Life Committee elected Mr. Harris to serve as chair to lead the organization of the firm’s employee activities. Additionally, he helps refine and improve the firm’s processes related to client work.


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Connor Harris

Closing Coordinator


Kayla Grayson manages business aviation closings for Gilchrist Aviation Law and has been with the Firm since 2015. Clients rely on her to coordinate the many elements of corporate aircraft transactions, and her high attention to detail and accuracy ensures clients return to Gilchrist Aviation Law for assistance making future purchases.

Mrs. Grayson oversees the Firm’s daily procedures for fractional ownership programs, coordinating with clients and the FAA to seamlessly close each transaction. She has valuable experience in accurately tracking, coordinating and filing aircraft documentation as well as maintaining federal aircraft records through ownership.


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Kayla Grayson

Manager, Business Aviation Closings