Our Guiding Principles

Every client we assist can expect our guiding principles to be embedded in even the smallest details of their transaction. From engagement to closing, you will work with a team that is built on the following pillars.



Our group is bound not only by the legal system's strict ethics but by our uncompromising conviction that honesty, transparency, and privacy for our clients is the only way to conduct a transaction. Our integrity transcends profits and convenience, whether in dealing with our clients or employees.



No task is too urgent or pressing for us to ensure that it receives our highest level of accuracy. From transactions big to small, we utilize technology, systems, and aviation law thought leaders to deliver a final product on which we can stake our reputation.



We are not satisfied with simply being transparent in our work; we believe our counsel is most effective when clearly communicated to our clients. You can expect around-the-clock availability and timeliness from our attorneys and legal assistants.

Our Team

Jack Gilchrist - Founder, Shareholder _ Director.jpg

Jack Gilchrist

Founding Shareholder | Director

Chad Gilson - Senior Attorney.jpg

Chad Gilson

Senior Attorney

Nick Linholm - Of Counsel.jpg

Nick Linholm

Of Counsel

Connor Harris - Closing Coordinator.jpg

Connor Harris

Closing Coordinator

Mandy Ward - Closing Coordinator.jpg

Mandy Ward

Closing Coordinator

Roberto Macias - Legal Assistant.jpg

Roberto Macias

Legal Assistant

Amanda Heath - Legal Assistant.jpg

Amanda Heath

Legal Assistant

Pamela Ball - Executive Assistant.jpg

Pamela Ball

Executive Assistant

Tony Morales - Associate.jpg

Tony Morales


Becca Schmidt - Closing Coordinator

Becca Schmidt

Closing Coordinator

Tekoa Nantze - Legal Assistant.jpg

Tekoa Nantze

Legal Assistant

Madison Lawson - Legal Assistant.jpg

Madison Lawson

Legal Assistant

Clay Ferguson - Associate.jpg

Clay Ferguson


Danielle Jones - Senior Legal Assistant, Closing Coordinator.jpg

Danielle Jones

Senior Legal Assistant | Closing Coordinator

Kylie Linstead

Kylie Linstead

Legal Assistant

Brandy Dunn - Legal Assistant.jpg

Brandy Dunn

Legal Assistant

Kayla Grayson - Manager, Business Aviation.jpg

Kayla Grayson

Manager, Business Aviation

Veronica Guerrero

Veronica Guerrero


Robert Shasberger - Legal Assistant.jpg

Robert Shasberger

Legal Assistant

Janetta Wrice - Legal Assistant.jpg

Janetta Wrice

Legal Assistant

Garret Monnet - Legal Assistant.jpg

Garret Monnet

Legal Assistant

Ashley Coker - Assistant Director of Operations.jpg

Ashley Coker

Assistant Director of Operations

Gary Bloom - Closing Coordinator.jpg

Gary Bloom

Closing Coordinator

Kellie Becker - Manager of Accounting.jpg

Kellie Becker

Manager of Accounting

Sherie Allison - Legal Assistant.jpg

Sherie Allison

Legal Assistant

Samuel Gilchrist - Marketing _ Strategic Project Manager.jpg

Samuel Gilchrist

Marketing & Strategic Project Manager

Brad Moore - Director of Operations.jpg

Brad Moore

Director of Operations

Our Culture

At Gilchrist Aviation Law, we strive to cultivate a community that consistently invests in the lives of one another, both professionally and personally. Our firm creates spaces where we can learn ways to lead more fulfilling lives and grow in our relationships with one another and our families. Ultimately, the investment we make in each other allows us to put our best selves into the work we do for our clients.

Gilchrist Aviation0898 - BW.jpg

Career Opportunities

The team at Gilchrist Aviation Law is made up of individuals with great attention to detail who take pride in serving our aviation industry clients with professionalism and accountability. From attorneys and paralegals to administrative staff, our team is relied on for the timely execution of accurate work. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, a monthly bonus program, and opportunities for growth within the organization.